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Best of Brazil 5000
Best of BRAZIL 5000    
BRAZIL 5000 vol.5

new exclusive bossa-tronic beats
For the fifth year running the producer team around London based label 5000 records create this highly acclaimed compilation of Bossa-Nova influenced tunes and grooves.
Most of the tracks are exclusive to this album, remixed, edited or recorded from scratch by an established team of successful producers from around the globe.
New York's brandnew loungers BELLE TROPEZ, brazilian Bossa-Nova youngster FELIPE FONTENELLE (debut album released now on Universal), from London CHARLES STUART (debut album on Slowfoor records), fabulous K A R E N S A V V A, upcoming singer WIG and the great YAZ BAKER with a
cover of THE CHURCH's classic "Under The Milky Way" .
Also on board: San Francisco boy JON ARCHAMBAULT with the obligatory Brazil 5000 PAUL WELLER cover and german outfits MONOSOLAR and URBAN PHUNK SOCIETY.
Sixteen tracks of sublime South American grooves & super chilled tunes.
Eleven new tracks exclusive to this album!,
featuring young artists from Brazil, USA, Italy, UK and Germany
5000records cat 2008
Track listing Vol.5:
01. Belle Tropez Pull It
02. Felipe Fontenelle Fala Ze, Ta Tudo Em Cima?
03. Monosolar Facilite Douce*
04. Visitors Format C*
05. Savva Walking The Way *
06. Wig Into The Vibe (5000 mix)*
07. Marmalade Winter Love's At Home (5000 mix)*
08. Simon Slow Inner Rhodes
09. 5000 Hoogly River Drive *
10. Alfredo Paixao Voce e mais *
11. Charles Stuart Drive Through Snow
12. Yaz Baker Under The Milky Way*
13. Urban Phunk Society One Day (5000 & Wig mix) *
14. Aaron Bingle The Sunshine Ease Your Love
15. Monosolar Blue Sky *
16. Superpulse feat. Jon Archambault My Everchanging Moods*
*tracks exclusive to this album
playing time: 67
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