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Deconstrucción   EP  OUT NOW!
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Interview with Lady Kirby (in Spanish)
Impetuous feelings, frenetic melodies, incessant rhythms, lyrics of despair, hope and the ceaseless pursuit of happiness.
With having one foot in the past and their eyes fixed on the future, MONALISA create their own universe. A universe of reflection, thoughts and humble proposals that will not leave you untouched.

Monalisa A Un Desconocido

MONALISA comes out of the idea of blending electronic pop, accentuated beats and big rock sounds with influences of 1980s and 1990s music.
MONALISA are: Francis Martín (vox, keyboards), Maria Sánchez (bass, background vox), David Reyes (keyboards, sampler), Alberto Reyes (guitar), Jose Luis López (drums, background vox)

Track listing:
1. Huellas
2. A Un Desconocido
3. Decirte La Verdad
4. Esperanza
5. Gritale A La Vida

written by Monalisa
produced and mixed by Harold Burgon
except A un Desconocido mixed by Sascha Panknin


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